Set of 3 Cork Lidded Jars

Set of 3 Cork Lidded Jars

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Set of 3 wheel thrown salt/herb/spice jars for the modern rustic kitchen.  

Two are made from off-white speckled stoneware clay & the other a darker buff clay body. All have heavy textured horizontal lines on the lower part finished with off-white & blue glaze finish with speckled off-white on the insides. 
The true beauty of the raw stoneware clay is emphasized against the matte blue & off-white speckled glaze which has an eggshell look & feel.
These jars comes complete with a little handmade spoon which fits perfectly in a loop on the side of the jar when not in use.

The lids are made of cork & fit snugly inside to keep the contents dry.

 These pieces look really great grouped together on your countertop or open shelving so all your fave herbs/spices are within easy reach!
Perfect for dried herbs, spices, salt, pepper, sugar or even loose tea & great for a smaller kitchen where space is limited or on the table for serving salt, sugar or other dry condiments.

*for use with dry contents only*

measurements (without cork lid): 

buff/blue speckled jar
 largest jar size: H 4.25"    W 3" Holds 1.75 cups (dry)

medium jar size: H3.5"     W 3" Holds 1.25 cups (dry)

smallest jar H 3.25"          W 3" Holds 1 cup (dry)


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