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Rustic Oil Burner.

Rustic Oil Burner.

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Handmade on the wheel from lovely rustic speckled stoneware clay this piece is designed for diffusing your favorite essential oils or wax melts.
The concept is 'natural simplicity', modern rustic style & functional design.
The large triangle cut-out on the front allows the tea light to shine through, making it look pretty at night.
The contrast between the lovely raw unglazed speckled clay body & the pale smooth rustic glaze finish creates a tactile quality to the piece.

The bowl has a rim/foot which sits inside the rim of the base section to keep it in place & is glazed all over with the same off white finish. My artist signature is on the underside.

For use with essential oils simply fill the bowl with water, add a few drops of essential oil & light a tea light underneath.
As the water heats up the aroma from the oil will begin to diffuse into the room giving a subtle scent, enhancing your environment & giving you the benefits of your oils every day in a way that is better for you & the environment.

This piece will make a perfect gift for someone who loves aromatherapy or is interested in avoiding chemicals in the home & a safer alternative for the planet.

base: H 2 3/4 " W 4"
bowl: H 2" W 4"

assembled: H 4 1/2"