Nautilus Shell Soap Dish

Nautilus Shell Soap Dish

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This hand formed stoneware soap dish will make a pretty addition to your bathroom or kitchen. It has my own original raised nautilus shell design which was applied while the clay was still damp & the shape is hand cut so that each one is unique.

Inspired by the mysterious nautilus & reminds me of the shell shards you find on the coral beaches. I used semi opaque dark blue 'crackle' glaze to emphasize the details in the shell pattern. Crackle glaze forms fine hairline cracks which occur where the glazed is thicker, usually in the details. This glaze has a high shine finish.
The underside is partly glazed & has my signature.
The piece is lightweight & has fine smooth finished edges for a simple, clean look.

***This piece is not suitable for food***

size 5 3/4" x 4" (irregular rectangle)
Artist signed on the underside.

***Ready to ship***