Nautilus Incense Burner

Nautilus Incense Burner

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Handmade signature piece Nautilus shell incense holder made from off white stoneware clay, specifically designed for burning incense sticks & to look beautiful with your home decor.
Inspired by the broken shell shards found washed up on the beach at low tide, each one is unique & one of a kind. The concept for this piece is 'free form' with organic shaping, fine edges & a lightweight touch/feel.
Glazed with matte white for a simple, clean finish.
Incense is a great way to keep your home smelling good & for creating an ambiance.           It also has ritualistic & aromatherapy purpose.

It is also is used for, yoga practice, meditation & for benefitting your general health & well being. I recommend buying good quality incense sticks for full benefit.
Please remember not to leave incense sticks burning unattended due to fire risk.

size (approx)
4.5" x 4.5" (irregular circle)

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