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Lotus Pendant.

Lotus Pendant.

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Tiny glazed lotus flower pendant handmade from porcelain clay & finished with a lovely selection of both shiny & matte glaze finishes with fine leather cord. (glazed both sides)

The lotus flower symbolizes the rising from the depths of the mud to enlightenment (blooming) in Buddhist faith. It is worn by yogi's to represent Moksha a state of blissful enlightenment attained by dedicated practice & life.
A great gift for anyone who loves yoga!

The cord is made of fine tan colored leather, knotted at 24" so that it slips over your head & hangs mid-chest (see diagram) can be for male or female.

length 24"
pendant size 3/4" disc (US dime sized)

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Comes in it's own burlap drawstring pouch for safe keeping or gift giving!