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Large Rustic Essential Oil Burner.

Large Rustic Essential Oil Burner.

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Handmade rustic essential oil burner/wax melts or tart warmer with larger sized bowl for longer diffusing. Designed to allow enough liquid/oil for diffusing with a 1 1/2-2 hour (burn time) tea-light.

Wheel-thrown speckled stoneware clay with 3 hand-cut leaf openings at the front to let the candlelight shine through at night & to allow for ventilation.
The glaze finish is matte off-white with dark speckles.

Base H 3 3/4" W 3 3/4"
Bowl H 2 " W 4 3/4"
Assembled height 5"

For use with essential oils simply fill the bowl with water, add a few drops of essential oil & light a tea light underneath.
As the water heats up the aroma from the oil will begin to diffuse into the room giving a subtle scent, enhancing your environment & giving you the benefits of your oils every day in a way that is better for you & the environment.

This piece will make a perfect gift for someone who loves aromatherapy or is interested in avoiding chemicals in the home & a safer alternative for the planet.

Never leave unattended while lit.
Avoid handling the piece while hot, it will retain the heat & should be left to cool down before touching or moving.

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