Hamsa Car Diffuser

Hamsa Car Diffuser

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Hamsa symbol car air freshener handmade from low-fired clay & stamped with a batik/paisley design & finished with a bright glazes which gives lovely definition to the pattern, making it decorative as well as functional.
The clay retains a porous quality when kiln-fired allowing it to soak up essential oils. A long trusted way to diffuse essential oils, safely delivering your favorite scent in your car or small space.

Available in terra cotta (red) or white clay.

Just add a few drops of essential oil the the diffuser, allow a few minutes to soak in & dry, then hang from your rear view mirror using the bead & loop fastening & enjoy the healthy benefits of your essential oil. 
An environmentally friendly way to enhance a small space & fully reusable by replenishing with more oil when the scent fades

Hamsa is an amulet which originated in the Middle East in early civilizations. It became the universal symbol for protection by many religions & has become well known worldwide in more recent times. The open right hand symbolizes divine protection & the eye represents the deflection of envy & evil.
Comes in it's own burlap drawstring pouch ready for gift giving!

***The listing is for 1 Hamsa car diffuser & burlap drawstring pouch***
Essential oils can be purchased separately & added to your order!

*Please see separate listings for essential oils*