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Nautilus Incense Burner

Nautilus Incense Burner

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Inspired by broken shards of sea shells washed up on the beach this simple handmade stoneware nautilus shell incense burner is a great decorative piece for your home decor as well as a functional item to enjoy!

This piece features my signature 'Nautilus shell design' which was applied to the damp stoneware clay. The piece is smoothed to create clean lines & edges.

The design is inspired by the mysterious Nautilus & the rules of Fibonacci as the mathematical formula of nature & sacred geometry as well as mystery & folklore.

There are 3 holes to accommodate different size incense sticks.

 The final glaze finish is turquoise crackle which has a high shine & tiny hairline cracks with a crystalized melted glass appearance.
It has a clean, organic feel & would look great in a minimal style home.

Incense is a great way to give your home an ambiance or can be used for deodorizing & cleansing. It also has ritualistic purpose & is commonly used for yoga practice, meditation & for benefitting your general health & well being.

I recommend buying good quality incense sticks.

L 9' x W 4.25" (irregular shape)

The underside is un-glazed & has my artist signature.

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