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Artisan Drip Coffee Pitcher/ Pour Over.

Artisan Drip Coffee Pitcher/ Pour Over.

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Wheel thrown 2-piece coffee pitcher & pour-over for making drip coffee.
Created from speckled stoneware clay & hand finished with a linear texture on the lower portion (exterior) showing the beauty of the fired clay bod

A new addition to my rustic collection of functional pottery pieces for the modern home, combining modern rustic style with practicality.
A great way to make your morning coffee using the popular drip method.

Simply place your coffee filter in the pour over section, add your ground coffee & place on top of the pitcher, add boiling water & wait for it to drip through.
Keep topping up the water for your required amount, then enjoy!

The pitcher is a useful size for other uses such a milk, water or as a vase for flowers on the table.


Pitcher/coffee pot:

H 4 1/2"  W 4 1/2"

Holds 28 fl oz/3.5 cups.


H 2 3/4"  4 3/4"

#4 coffee filter

*microwave & dishwasher safe* hand washing is always recommended for handmade pottery.