Rustic Pint Pitcher

Rustic Pint Pitcher

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Rustic speckled stoneware wheel thrown pitcher or pint jug from my new collection of functional ceramics designed to be sturdy for everyday use, with a combination of creative design elements & simple rustic charm.
I added some horizontal lines to the lower part which gives a grainy roughness to the touch. The handle is a simple traditional looped strap style.
The true beauty of the speckled stoneware clay is emphasized by the contrasting raw unglazed clay lower section against the matt off-white white speckled glaze.
The piece has many uses in the kitchen for milk, sauces, gravy, salad dressing or just about anything that needs to be poured. Perfect to use from kitchen to table.


Height 4.5"
Width (rim) 3.75"
holds 2 cups of liquid/ 1pint/ 500ml (approx)
(not intended as a measuring jug)
Artist signed on the base.

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