Rustic Blue Speckled Mug

Rustic Blue Speckled Mug

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This rustic wheel thrown mug is a new color addition to my new collection of functional ceramics designed to be sturdy for everyday use but with mindful creative elements to engage the user.  
The true beauty of the stoneware clay is emphasized by placing contrasting raw unglazed clay against the blue speckled glaze. Rustic, simple lines & minimal design for the modern tea or coffee drinker.
The lower section is raw/unglazed speckled clay which has a grainy roughness giving a lovely contrast with the smoothness of the glaze.
The inside is glazed with matte blue glaze.
Drinking from a favorite handmade cup satisfies the soul as they become a familiar part of the rituals of everyday life. Enjoy!

All glazes are non-toxic & dishwasher safe.


H 3.75"    W 3.75"
holds (approx) 10 fl oz

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