Garlic grater plate.

Garlic grater plate.

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Wheel thrown rustic speckled stoneware artisan grater/mincer plate with a deep rough texture for mincing, grating & grinding. The glaze finish is matt, off white/gray speckled eggshell.
Because the clay has some texture already It works really well & helps make quick work of mincing or grinding.

If you've ever tried one of these little mincing dishes you'll know how versatile & useful they are, if you haven't then here are some of the invaluable uses that I know about: Mincing garlic, fresh ginger, fresh wasabi, fresh turmeric or for grinding whole nutmeg, even lemon zesting.

Simply add olive oil & balsamic vinegar to your grated garlic & dip some crusty bread for a delicious simple snack or appetizer. I'm sure there are many more possibilities, I keep mine handy on the counter at all times!
Great gift idea for a foodie.

Artist signed on the base.

W 4.75"
H 0.75"

Hand washing is best, it is best to clean with a brush to get into the grooves.

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