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River Stone Diffuser Set.

River Stone Diffuser Set.

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The River Stone essential oil diffuser set consists of a handmade, white/turquoise tray created from stoneware clay & a set of 3 unglazed/porous stones which can be stacked or arranged individually on the tray & scented with essential oil.

The texture 'infinite flow' design was inspired by flowing water & droplets, the overall concept is organic & Zen with clean smooth lines, a natural lightweight feel & fluid shape.

The river stones are also handmade, formed by shaping clay in the hand & smoothing with the thumb over & over again to create silky smoothness, as if it is worn by water.
The stones are porous after kiln firing giving them an absorbent quality, perfect for delivering essential oil. Simply add a few drops of your favorite oil to your stones & reapply as needed.

Fired clay has been used for this purpose for decades & is a popular choice for aromatherapy lovers.

The set includes:
1 stoneware white/turquoise tray.
size: 4" approx diameter.

3 white river stones small, medium & large (stackable)

1 drawstring gift bag.